Did I just lose half my money?


Noob here. Exchanged some ETH for TrueFi on Sushi and only seemed to get half the actual value?

The tx info is below - not really sure what happened but there appears to be way less than the value of the ETH? Surely that can’t be slippage?

Can someone explain to me what happened here, would be really appreciated!

Thanks TrueFi brothers.

tx on Etherscan: 0x9b295f56f4055107c48f9fb2b7760bc031f7737e7eb34570e5f1ad0c8402ef4c

You are looking at the current prices for these assets. If you click the price on Etherscan you can see the prices at the time the transaction was made. Minus fees, the swap looks correct at the time it was made.

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Thanks man. As suspected, I was being an idiot but appreciate you helping me on the learning journey.