[TFIP-10] Increasing stkTRU gov participation & a look to future protocol spending

Thank you. Looking forward to this being executed


Can you please confirm when rewards are to begin as its been 5 days since the advised 2 days.


We have encounter (non technical) difficulties, legacy multisig was not able to execute the restart of the rewards programme. We will publish a follow up proposal very soon for DAO to restart it.

What does the 10% Maximum Liquidation Rate apply to for Stakers now?

this is still a parameter in the smart contract. no realistic scenario for a liquidation to occur though.


This could potentially discourage staking, thus it’s probably a good idea to remove if it has no active function…


You are right.

A proposal / forum temp check - whether we should begin work on moving the goverance out of L1 - is being prepared, revamp of the ui staking experience would be part of that.


Voting for the second part of this proposal is live. ~14 hrs remaining to vote here:


re-vote?) And I think it’s worth describing the proposal in more detail in the vote…

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@StrategoHoldings @Archi123 @leecrowhurst – trying this once more…

Tally proposal is posted for passing ownership of stkTRU rewards distritubtor to DAO timelock AND setting stkTRU rewards rate to 5k TRU/day.

→ Voting begins Saturday 12:17p UTC
→ Voting ends Tuesday 6:02a UTC

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Please, tweet about it

Bold to have the majority of the voting period during the weekend.

Staking rewards had been turned on.

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 11.42.27


Hi Kaimi,

Do the staking “rewards” not show on the frontend like they used to?


Please use TrueFi app -< legacy interface.

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Thank you for the update.

In Binance the staking reward is still 0.07%, shall you reach out to Binance in order to increase it or shall we move our funds out of there?

There would be a huge outflow from there which might impact liquidity there, is Binance aware of this risk?

Ah okay, got it! Thanks :v:

Please update reward on binance! I feel safer staking on binance!

Ah, great catch. I forgot about Binance staking. We love working with Binance and I will reach out to them to see if they can increase the staking reward they offer users on their platform.

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