[TFIP-11] Rebuilding a Risk-Managed Crypto-Native Lending Vertical on TrueFi

I found that this new proposal increased the TRU allocation for Cicada and raises concerns about transparency . The lack of a clear justification for this increase, especially considering Cicada’s own original proposal, raises questions about resource management in the TrueFi ecosystem. It is crucial to ensure that all resource allocation decisions are transparent and based on clear criteria, to promote trust and equity within the TrueFi community ??

There’s no change in total TRU allocated to Cicada. Both the original and this re-vote send 3M total to Cicada over time frame of 6 months starting April 1, with 30% upfront.

This re-vote is needed because the creation of streaming TRU payments to Cicada failed in the original vote. The original Sablier stream was scheduled to begin April 1 0:00 UTC but the proposal reverted because it was not executed until later on April 1 (and failed bc it tried to create a stream with a start date in the past).

As a solution, the new proposal creates a Sablier stream starting April 16 (15 days later) and transfers commensurate TRU for the 15 days of streaming payments that have been delayed. The upfront portion = 38.33% of total 3M… 30% as originally proposed + 8.33% (=15 days /180 days) for delayed start).


This proposal has been executed.

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