Truefi Discord Needs Admin Transparency

If members of @WallfacerLabs are going to be dictatating terms on how the Truefi discord channel is going to run. I dont think Vladyslav Mazurenko should not be hiding behind the username @kaimi like some sort of online gamer.

All Truefi discord admin members connected to @WallfacerLabs should use their real name. Just like @ryan.rodenbaugh and @tylerw are.

I understand now when @MG-TT left a :roll_eyes: when a post was put out saying that certain stucture changes will be made to discord.

Its basically gone fully centralised and in the hands of admin at @WallfacerLabs with @kaimi using the words. " I dont like what you’re doing"

Seriously!!! A DAO??? GTFOH Its, “A DAO”

So for anyone reading this, who isn’t in Discord… Some context…

  1. @kaimi began streamlining some of our discord channels. Previous discord admins had created dozens of channels, most of which were unused and many people (myself a very outspoken person on this topic) felt our discord was basically unusable because of all the clutter. The intention is to have less channels, but that the remaning channels would be “higher signal” and lead to more high-quality engagement.

  2. Smart DeFi has been making many posts using ChatGPT. Not an issue except for the fact that ChatGPT is extremely verbose (see Smart Defi comment here [TFIP-4] Wallfacer Labs 2023 Funding Request - #21 by SmartDefi) and often “says a lot without actually saying anything”.

  1. @SmartDefi created several threads using ChatGPT and Kaimi responded "I am not a fan of using chatgpt here on this forum, it produces a lot of content that someone needs to spend time reading / evaluating " (whole thread here: Discord)

I don’t think most people would disagree with this.

For example, I’ve started using ChatGPT a lot, but mostly as an editor for my own writing. And I will often put the same block of text through ChatGPT a few times in order to condense 10 verbose (low-signal) sentences into 3 or 4 concise (high-signal) sentences.

I think the idea that cleaning up our Discord channels and Kaimi saying, “I am not a fan of using ChatGPT here” means that TrueFi cares less about it’s users/community or is less a DAO is a baseless claim.

There is no reason for this. People have a number of reasons for wanting to be pseudonymous and we very much respect that here. Kaimi has been an important contributor to TrueFi in his time here whether he chooses to use his real name publicly or not. Additionally, much larger DAOs (really, MakerDAO) are encouraging more members to be anon/pseudonymous.

First of all, Kaimi is not Vlad. As you can see, most of the Wallfacer team (myself included) have not gotten around to updating our LinkedIns yet. Vlad is the only full-time teammate of ours who has so far.

Second of all, this attempt to “name and shame” or even “doxx” someone who chooses to be pseudonymous as Kaimi does is extremely inappropriate and antithetical to the wider ethos of crypto.

You have been a longtime member here, @SmartDefi and I hope you will rethink some of the conversations you had on discord and will continue to be involved productively with us. We’d love to have you back, but if you do decide to leave, I echo what Kaimi said on discord, “You are free to do so. But I do respect you and treat you as a valued contributor.”

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Its best i bite my tongue :+1:t3:

Lets just hope Wallfacer Labs can make more progress with their 2nd round of funding then they did the first :crossed_fingers: Maybe put your personal blog to the side Ryan :wink: