Are Companies in the Construction industry eligible for loans?

Hello Everyone,

My name is Angel Reyes, I’d like to mention first and foremost that I’m super excited and grateful to be here, I’m blown away with what you guys have created,

My friend and I quit our jobs two months ago because we were tired of working out of town and being away from our families for long periods. We left and together we ventured into starting our licensed glass company named DMJ GLAZING SERVICES, Based out of Buena Park, CA. We accept all types of glazing work however our niche is the commercial storefront and curtain wall sector, that said we are more focused on bidding and working on Small to Medium-sized Commercial projects ranging from $5000-$100,000.

Some of the contractors we would deal with have 30-day payment terms and our limitation right now for taking on these projects is limited working capital. We have tried the traditional banking system in search of loans but we have been denied on different occasions, other options we were offered had insanely high interest and just wouldn’t work for us.

I want to ask the community if it Would be possible to get approved for one or possibly multiple 30-60 day loans at a time if we provided validated proof of our awarded contracts/projects. The purpose of these loans would be used to cover payroll, materials, and overhead for the duration of these projects.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas soon guys.

Thank you.

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