CRV? CVX? How to farm and migrate liquidity

This is the pool I seeded.

Lets get on curve, starting with ETH-TRU

then we can create exit liquidity for tfTokens, either through g-uni pools, or through underlying curve pools.

either way, lets get the ball rolling


Love the idea, we could also look into deploying some un-lent stablecoins from the protocol into curve in order to farm more CRV and build up more voting power over time.

Let me know what you think, I be there are a lot of creative things we could do!

How would we be able to incentivize the ETH/TRU pair on curve? With sushiswap we have rewards for liquidity providers, but Iā€™m not sure if curve supports a similar faming mechanism. We would have to use our own farm for staking LP tokens, but this would prevent any kind of CRV rewards from staking in the curve gauge.

so we can either go through convex like steth/lido does, or deploy ours. convex would be easier