HODLer since 2018!

Having been a dedicated HODLer since 2018 (I’ve even met the team in SF back in the days), I must admit it’s been quite challenging to witness the lack of any upward price movements of TRU for a very long time now. Normally, I steer clear of price discussions, but as someone who’s been invested for a long time, I find myself increasingly pondering the future potential of TRU. My intention isn’t to spread FUD. Rather, I’m eagerly seeking different perspectives. What are your thoughts on TRU’s potential? What are some of the reasons why TRU is a good investment? I’m genuinely interested in hearing diverse opinions and insights.

Hi @Kia. Thank you for being a HODLER since 2018. I don’t have an easy answer- building and growing a DeFi protocol is tough, especially in the difficult market conditions of the last year. But here are a few points I would look to:

  1. New offerings on the platform such as the Adapt3r Treasury Bill Fund which currently has about $8.6mm of value in it. I believe we have something planned with @BastionTradingGroup coming up soon as well.
  2. Tech improvements @WallfacerLabs has been working on
  3. Partnerships to increase TRU utility such as the recent whitelisting of TRU on @Fyde
  4. Governance & team improvements including bringing in new board members (see platform statements on this forum).

Overall, I think we still have a long road ahead of us to achieve the level of scale and impact we are looking for. But I think we are in an exciting area, have a valuable position, and have the potential for great success. If there are ways you could be involved in bringing the community and protocol to the next level I would love to chat about it.


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I also recommend diving into the many great conversations here.