[Proposal] Decentralization Update & Additional DAO Funding

Following on with our initial funding proposal in August 2022, Archblock is proposing an additional round of funding. This funding will consist of a direct capital injection of USDC $480,000 to the TrueFi treasury wallet.

The funding will be earmarked specifically for the following purposes through the remainder of 2023:

  1. Development and expansion of the TrueFi Protocol,
  2. Smart contract audits, and
  3. Ancillary business expenses.

In addition to the 2023 funding, the following decentralization steps will also be implemented to further decentralize the TrueFi Foundation and the TrueFi Protocol.

  1. Foundation Directors. Additional directors are needed for the Foundation. If you’re interested in being elected, please reach out to Alex de Lorraine for more information (alex@truefi.io).

  2. Token Governance Update. A proposal to directly link token governance to the TrueFi Foundation will be posted shortly. This will involve updates to the TRU token and amendments to the TrueFi Foundation governing documents.

Next Steps

This proposal is the beginning of a broader discussion around DAO construction and DAO governance. After reviewing this proposal, please head over to the #dao-general discord channel for further discussion and analysis.