[Proposal Draft] Fund Core TruefiDAO Becoming Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators

Draft Only

@michael.bland could potentially write this up a whole lot better if this proposal makes sense

As members of the core TruefiDAO foundation and as DAO members in general we are all committed to the success and growth of our organization.

In order to ensure that core TruefiDAO foundation members are able to effectively navigate the constantly evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology I propose that all core TruefiDAO members become Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators.

By those within the core TruefiDAO team, obtaining certification as a cryptocurrency investigator will give the DAO further knowledge and skills necessary to properly analyze activity, and effectively navigate the legal landscape surrounding cryptocurrency.

This will allow us to better serve our community as a whole at the DAO level and ensure that we are able to maintain a high level of integrity and transparency within the TruefiDAO.


To become certified I propose that all members of the TruefiDAO foundation become Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators by completing one of the following courses.

Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator

By the core TruefiDAO team becoming certified cryptocurrency investigators, they will be able to better protect the interests of the DAO and our community, and ensure that we are able to effectively navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency.

I believe that this is an important step for the growth and success of our organization, and I urge all members to consider supporting this proposal.

The course is $1,000 and this would be x5 to cover each of the 5 core members of the TruefiDAO foundation.

So $5,000 in total.

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Without commenting on the value of the certification, I think small expenses like this should just be included in the normal funding proposals. The team is budgeting 1.8 million a year for expenses, so 5k expenses shouldn’t need their own proposal.

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Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator Course
Developed By

Robert Whitaker, CCI

COO at Huobi Nevada
(Formerly COO Blockchain Intelligence Group)

Ret. Supervisory Special Agent, Illicit Finance & Proceeds of Crime Unit, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations

Global expert on the online criminal element, cryptocurrency and dark web investigations. Distinguished public service career leading complex international financial crime investigations.

Teresa Anaya CFE, CAMS, CCI, CBP, ITIL

BSA/AML Compliance Officer, Archblock (formerly TrustToken)

Seasoned leader with global experience in financial services, investigations, AML, BSA, and regulatory compliance with a focus on blockchain and risk reduction.

If not a proposal, the team should consider this a core DAO member requirement.

I think it would be a great edition to the DAO