[Proposal] Nov 5 - Nov 19 TrueFi LP Incentives

Authors: @tylerw, @ryan.rodenbaugh


Keep total lending pool rewards constant at 244,500 TRU/day and tweak allocations between pools as follows:

  1. Decrease tfUSDC emissions from 132,000 TRU/day to 128,000 TRU/day.
  2. Increase tfUSDT emissions from 87,500 TRU/day to 89,500 TRU/day.
  3. Increase tfTUSD emissions from 25,000 TRU/day to 27,000 TRU/day.

If approved, changes will be slated to go into effect on Friday, November 5, 2021.


Keeping with the cadence started on June 15, we’d like to reevaluate the LP TRU incentives every two weeks with objectives to (1) gradually decrease emissions over time and (2) reach target utilizations of 60-70% for each pool.


Each cycle aims to reduce rates incrementally until TrueFi pools near target utilization (60-70%).

  • Current overall utilization = ~60%
    • tfUSDC (~55%) = slightly below target utilization
    • tfUSDT (~70%) = at/above target utilization
    • tfTUSD (~65%) = at/above target utilization

Source: Dune Analytics


For: YES, implement proposal
Against: NO, keep current incentives
Snapshot: Snapshot