Suggestion to increase TFI-LP liquidity

Lots of demand for loans and we are running out of liquidity in TFI-LP to lend to users. We should brainstorm ways to market and get more liquidity in order to increase the liquidity of TFI-LP pool. I think the rate is competitive but I don’t think a lot of people are aware of this opportunity. We will be only left with 2 million liquidity after the latest loan passes.

Possible Ways to increase TFI-LP liquidity but making TRU/TUSD TFI-LP more popular

  1. Getting a TFI_LP/TUSD liquidity pool listed on CURVE with TRU incentives. CRV is the leader in stablecoin markets and we need to get TFI-LP listed on it immediately to attract more capital
  2. Getting TUSD listed on CREAM to be available for borrowing (currently only available on Aave)
  3. Getting TRU listed on CREAM to be available for borrowing
  4. Allowing support of Zerion to contribute to TFI-LP using a single tranaction (using their exchange feature which allows one transaction to deposit to LP/smart contracts of swaps)
  5. Adding feature on zapper to view TFI-LP staking returns (already available on Debank)
  6. Having support for other front ends, like Aave to allow folks to borrow funds using Aave to lend on TFI-LP directly from TrueFi dashboard. Alpha protocol does this beautifully where they allow users to use Aave to borrow and then lend on their platform (alpha platform) all from Alpha’s frontend. This allows users to not navigate multiple platforms to lend on Alpha. (
  7. Partnerships with Yearn ecosystem for launching Vaults on Yearn for TFI-LP or TUSD with TRU rewards
  8. Listing of TRU on major exchanges like Binance

We need to reach 100 million or higher to cater to bigger crowd. Thoughts from @ryan.rodenbaugh @rafaelcosman @Jacks @subhajit.ray and the community


Thanks for putting this together @spidey , we appreciate it.

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What we really need is to convince the general public this is trustworthy and reliable enough.

Ideally, we would give a loan to a really well-known business. Imagine a McDonalds or even Kraken loan. That would drive media attention onto the site and do a lot to convince people this is legitimate.

On-boarding new loans is definitely the key, but we need higher liquidity and larger volume to cater to well-known business. I totally agree with this as well

great work… 1-8 agree with. one thing that is hurting at the moment for “retail” users is gas fees which of course is the same in all of DeFi but this is one reason why I think that serious liquidity will have to come from institutions. The idea that the next 100 mil of liquidity will come from retail I think is far fetched.

If the team have any connections to funds who are sitting on large sums of cash… it could be a “relatively” low risk way for the fund to get a return on cash they are unlikely to need for 14-30 days.

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