Swap TrueFi Timelock TUSD for USDC on Cowswap


  • Action: Swap 143.75K TUSD in TrueFi Timelock for USDC.
  • Platform: Cowswap, selected for favorable rates / lower slippage and DAO compatible.
  • Reasoning: Increased market stability and liquidity for DAO owned stables

I think this is not only imperative but time sensitive – should be done as soon as the DAO allows for it in my opinion. There are serious concerns regarding TUSD long term ability to maintain PEG.

Hi! This sounds reasonable, I would just encourage us to be thoughtful about the price we exchange at so as not to take a significant loss.

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Maybe once it is finalised. TrueFil DAO could launch another marketing effort on X to highlight the fact that TUSD is not owned or operated by TrueFi.

CZ tweets had both positive and negative effects on the TRU price by CZ tweets surrounding TUSD minting.

Is this a concern for anyone else?

Depends on the scope of the proposed marketing.

While public relations are important, I do not personally see the need for marketing spend outside of product.

This is however for the DAO to decide.