TAM - Request for Incentives

Hello TrueFi Community,

TrueTrading Asset Management (“TAM”) is seeking to engage with the token holders in our request to approve TRU incentives for lenders participating in the permissioned (whitelisted lenders/borrowers only) portfolios described below. In each of these portfolios, TAM has identified and begun diligence on targeted borrowers that have indicated initial interest in borrowing on the TrueFi protocol. This request for incentives shall follow the proposed structure that was posted in the community forum and is conditioned on approval via governance vote. For reference, further background on TAM and its activities can be found in this recent forum post that requested DAO funding for future TAM permissionless portfolios. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your consideration.

TAM Crypto Opportunities I [Flagship]
Continuing crypto-native credit strategy employed in DAO Flagship Portfolios.
Launch Date: May 15-May 31st 2022
Avg. Loan Term: 180 Days
Target Lender Yield: 7-10%

TAM NeoFi Opportunities I
Fintech borrowers experiencing hyper-growth that require capital to scale.
Launch Date: May 15-May 31st 2022
Avg. Loan Term: 1 Year
Target Lender Yield: 10-13%

TAM Crypto Liquidity I [AAA Ultra-Short]
High credit-quality crypto-native borrowers seeking short-term liquidity to pursue market arbitrage.
Launch Date: TBD
Avg. Loan Term: 30-60 Days
Target Lender Yield: 4-7%

TAM Crypto Mining I
Crypto miners seeking capital to finance PP&E and scale operations.
Launch Date: TBD
Avg. Loan Term: 1 Year
Target Lender Yield: 8-11%

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  • Yes, TrueFi should incentivize these portfolios.
  • No, TrueFi should decline supporting these portfolios.

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Great set of portfolios. Thank you for designing this @RDharia and team!

Great to see the interesting and diverse portfolio options the TAM team is bringing soon to the TrueFi marketplace. Great work @RDharia and team!

Snapshot voting is live for this proposal:

I can’t wait to see these portfolios go live.

I voted yes as incentives are necessary to kick-start deposits.

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