[TFIP-4] Wallfacer Labs 2023 Funding Request

Of course, thats the point :grin:


Is this not a legitimate question that deserves a response? @ryan.rodenbaugh @tylerw @kaimi @WallfacerLabs

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We are not paid by any protocols other than TrueFi right now. Wallfacer expects to have engagements with other protocols in the coming months.

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Thats a good thing considering the amount funded. I feel Truefi deserves 100% of Wallfacer over the next 9mths👍🏼

I was a little concerned Wallfacer Labs would be sharing their time over the next 9mths.

Onwards & Upwards :v:t4:

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I think you may have misread the reply. We will work on things in addition to TrueFi.

Of course, TrueFi will remain a top focus and will deliver on the list in " What We Intend to Accomplish" from the original post

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In the event that this is true, Wallfacer Labs will explore additional funding options from various protocols?

Furthermore, Wallfacer Labs will have to expand its team to manage the development of other protocols, while still ensuring that Truefi remains their main focus?

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Any updates? Nothing comes through from Wallfacer Labs email subscriptions…

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We’ve posted other updates in separate forum post threads. We should have another long form progress update out next week. Will share here as well for visibility.


Hey @StrategoHoldings see:

I saw you liked this already, but sharing again. Also sent you a DM



First off, good job on Vaults.fyi :+1:t3: This project appears to have taken a lot of time, effort, and money to develop.

Did you guys raise funding for Vaults.fyi ?

I’m also curious: Does Truefi today or in the future benefit in any way from Vaults.fyi?

Would love to hear that there are plans in the works :thinking:

Hey Stratego,

We funded the development of Vaults.fyi and didn’t raise any external capital for this project.

Vaults.fyi operates independently from TrueFi, and we’ve ensured that it doesn’t compromise or infringe upon our existing contract or relationship with TrueFi in any way. TrueFi remains our top priority, and we are committed to fulfilling our obligations under our current agreement.

While Vaults.fyi is a standalone project, we will add RWA vaults in the near future and of course TrueFi will be one of them.