TRU pair launch on Loopring L2 Dex and liquidity mining incentives

@rafaelcosman @ryan.rodenbaugh @Jacks Loopring L2 AMM mining is now accepting other projects to incentivize Liquidity on L2. This could be a game changer for Defi and much bigger exposure for TRU even more than Sushiswap. I strongly suggest we should apply to get on LRC L2 dex immediately as the fees are minimal and it will definitely help TRU volumes be directed to folks looking to buy smaller amounts. L2 is the future, I hope TruFi can get in on this early.

Synthetix recently moved staking to Optimism L2 and this is the chance for TrueFi to embrace L2 scaling projects early.

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Per convo on Discord, looks like Jack already submitted :slight_smile:

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@Jacks Is there an update from LRC abot TRU listing yet? Wondering if they got back to you yet. With fees rocketing a TRU pair on L2 dex would be fabulous :slightly_smiling_face: