Uncollatoralized lending to protocols

Based on CREAM’s iron bank idea of whitelisting protocols for uncollatoralized lending instead of individuals, we should also try to incorporate support for major established protocols to have a way to request uncollatoralized lending. Can we currently support lending to protocols?

Since platforms like Yearn are well established, they can be also included in a list of whitelisted borrowers. Also strategies must be pre-approved for the usage of the funds and don’t change with time since they are executed by a robo-advisor and hence its almost minimal chances of default. Thoughts of team on this?


love this! team lets consider this proposal

I love this idea as well!

Awesome Idea! I fully support this.

CREAM’s iron bank success partly relates to its long-established relationship with Yearn. It saves CREAM’s due diligence cost towards Yearn and allows better risk control. TrueFi would definitely need a higher cost to control risk. Our lending pool size may not be large enough to support such due diligence and the interest may not be able to cover these costs if we are only lending merely a million.

Maybe can consider this idea after we grow bigger.