Who are Truefi's Borrowing Customers?

Who is Truefi’s ideal borrowing customers and how to truely sort mud from clay ?

  1. Those borrowers who already have a viable business model that operates off-chain are eager to capitalise on on-chain opportunities that will launch immediately generating an almost instant income due to high customer on-chain demand?


  1. Borrowers with potentially struggling/failing off-chain business models who want to leverage borrowed capital from Truefi to construct on-chain projects from scratch in hope of on-chain success?

According to my view, the proposals presented to the Truefi Forum must also satisfy a set of predetermined social activity requirements.

Such as Twitter (X), YouTube, LinkedIn, Github, Crunchbase, Discord, etc, etc.

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Thanks for your questions @StrategoHoldings, I think your question is missing the mark here but I know where you’re coming from - I recognize you have been around for some time here and you remember TrueFi through the lens of “Legacy Pools”.

TrueFi has no borrowing customers anymore. TrueFi has abandoned a model where TrueFi vet borrowers. TrueFi is just rails, protocol for launching credit products.

The purpose of the conversations around whitelisting managers is to make sure that we protect TrueFi dapp from spammy / malicious applications, not to protect lenders from defaults.

Lenders are on their own, especially without any slashing protection etc.

Great example is @Kryptonim. Every lender have to do their own due diligence. Kryptonim has a pipeline of existing lenders that are willing to lend, TrueFI DAO offers rails and gets a cut for providing this rails. If another lenders comes in - they have to contact @Kryptonim and get all the needed information themselves.

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Oh right! I thought Truefi was adding the PM model along side the exsisting lending model.

Well then, ignore this post :v: