Addressing Interest in Cryptocurrencies with a Focus on RWA: Truefi Strategies and Corporate Outreach

Considering the growing interest of retail investors in purchasing (RWA)-focused cryptocurrencies, we noticed that Truefi appears to be lacking in providing pertinent information about its strategies and future plans. How does Truefi’s unsecured lending team plan to adjust its approach to meet the expectations of this target audience and ensure transparency in its operations? Furthermore, we would like to know if the team has appointed a representative to promote Truefi’s products to large companies and implement effective strategies in this regard, as we noticed a significant gap in this aspect

@Magnata - I agree we as a DAO/community have some weakness in these areas and I think we may need someone to take lead on them…

We certainly have plans posted on this forum, but I think there is more we could be doing to develop and publicize them.

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I agree on it… We must identify who will lead it

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