Chater Legend Borrow Request

Hi TrueFi,

We are Chater Legend, a newly-established SPV specifically for TrueFi. We’re looking for market neutral trading opportunities with strong risk mitigation up to and including full product insurance.

We participate in fully-insured Trade Finance deals. The Insurance Policy covers Principal and Coupon, and is issued by one of the world’s oldest and most-trusted insurers. There would be no price risk, because Buyers and Sellers are in place in advance and all contracts are backed by Letters of Credit. Thus it functions as a safe platform for trades in easy-to-trade products that have a short trade life-cycle (less than 60 days).

About Chater Legend

Chater Legend’s management team has over 75 years of collective investment experience, 40+ years of Investment Bank Derivatives, 30 years of Private Banking for UHNW, 30 years of Corporate Structuring and trust Management, 10 years of system development across Robo-Advisory and Trading Platforms and much else besides. We have been active in crypto and blockchain technologies since 2014.

We’ve both acquired and leveraged that expertise to help create successful businesses that combine the probity and professionalism of traditional finance with the forward-thinking dynamism of the crypto world.

  • Yes, allow Chater Legend to participate in the TrueFi protocol
  • No, decline participation at this time

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