Alan Trading Borrow Request

Hi TrueFi Stakers :grin:

As a proprietary cryptocurrency asset management and trading firm, we want to borrow 100,000 TUSD for 1 months at a rate of 15%.

About us :

-Since 2014, we made our own a success in crypto with a buy and sell on target strategy with outstanding results.

-Since 2016, we have grown both a public and private community we share our content and success with.

In details (2021) :

-Managing +$5million personal portfolio ;

-Public community since 2016 with 100,000 follower & +4000 posts (tradingview) (<= link) ;

-Private community since 2016 with +5000 members in many countries ;

-Transparent outstanding results (latest results) (<= link) ;

-Transparent successful strategy (scenario) (<= link) ;

-Transparent money management : 1% capital per trade, 93% success ratio.

-A buy and hold only for lower risk, no leverage . Patience is the key.

Use of funds :

Diversifying our portfolio, the funds will be deployed in investment strategies in CeFi and DeFi projects only on the most established and well-vetted ones following our short-term winning strategy.

We are excited to support TrueFi and are open to answering any follow up questions!


I’ve been following Alan Masters for a few years now, on TradingView, one of top 10 contributing traders on that platform.

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@Alan please request to onboard through so due diligence can be performed. Please indicate if you’d are requesting an account to mint/redeem TrueUSD or TrueFi or both. :+1:

What’s any of this have to do with the borrower’s creditworthiness?

With the recent poll concerning loan amount to be reduced, I let my loan request and expect the support of the TrueFi Community !

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