Community built tools

Hello Community,
I want to have a thread in place to pour some ideas regarding tools that can be built by the community that can help the overall TRU platform.


  1. A webapp that shows the current market borrowers’ rate of all other lending platforms (not sure if every other lending platform has an API to access this data. Maybe the data can be crowdsourced?) This can help community members to be aware of the market APY while approving borrowers request.

  2. An easy to tweet tool with different canned messages. Things like APY numbers maybe can be accessed programmatically and fed into the tweet generator.
    Ex link (This can be converted to a webapp tool)'s%20an%20amazing%20opportunity%20at%20%23TrueFi%20to%20lend%20TUSD%20and%20farm%20TRU.%20Checkout%20the%20TFI-LP%20farm.%20Current%20farming%20APY%20is%20>80%&hashtags=DeFi%2CTRU%2CTUSD%2CTrueFi

  3. Analytics tool specifically built for TrueFi. I understand it’s a very broad idea but I need some help to bring out specific ideas.

  4. What tools can be built that can help new comers?

  5. Pour in more ideas plz.

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All great ideas, especially this one. I think using the popular and widely used analytics tools, such as Dune is a great place to start. TrueFi dashboards and analytics ← We have a project page on Dune, but no dashboards have been built yet.

I know @tylerw is working on some

On this point, I don’t believe it’s a tool as much as it is really thorough documentation and “TrueFi 101” guides. @subhajit.ray is point person on documentation right now and I’m hoping we’ll have much stronger general documentation going into V2

What other protocols do you think we can show comparative rates from? Aave, Comp etc? None of them are into unsecured lending though and they have a variable interest rate model with open terms so comparisons with them are not really suitable.

@Kia he twitter idea is really good. Will add it to our front end.

We are already working on an Analytics page using Dune Analytics. @tylerw is leading that effort.

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Even I’m not sure. I just saw people mentioning about “APY is less than the market” in borrower request threads.
Reference: TrueFi community! Demand for higher interest rate!

Yep! Here are two Dune Analytics dashboards I’ve started for TrueFi:

Would love to hear everyone’s feedback and requests. If anyone else wants to start building TrueFi analytics in Dune, I’m happy to help! Most of the TrueFi data is now easily accessible in Dune.

edit: updated links to dashboards


Love this Tyler… I think a great metric would be default rate. Currently at ZERO! :partying_face: