Creation of Community-Managed TRU Telegram Group

Hi everyone,

Per my conversation with multiple members of the community I am creating a proposal for the re-creation of a Public TrueFi (TRU) Telegram group. This will be different and, exist concurrently, with the Discord group. In the past we’ve avoided doing so b/c we wanted to avoid negativity and confusion with the TrueUSD group but things are different now: We are now trading on Binance and have a strong community. The market is hot, now is the time. The features of this Telegram group include

*Will be a “Public” group essentially managed by the community and for the community about the TRU coin
*Will focus on the TRU coin’s investing / trading, and other general topics NOT on how to use the TrueFi lending platform, governance proposals or anything that is already discussed in Discord in great detail
*Management will NOT be an active member of this group. We do not want to distract them. Management will continue to be active in the Discord community that has evolved to generate significant activist-investor-generate ideas and governance proposals
*We recommend the hiring of a community manager who can clarify questions, ban users if needed, and implement community infrastructure such as automated messages

The reasons we, as the TRU stakeholders, want to create this community are that

  1. The Discord community is too small and Discord is used by a very small % of crypto investors (about 10 %) whereas Telegram is used by over 75% of crypto investors.
  2. There is no existing easily accessible, commonly-used medium through which TRU stakeholders can talk. This is limiting community involvement.
    It is limiting:
    a) the # of wallet-holders and # of stakeholders
    b) our word-of-mouth growth of the TrueFi lending platform
    c) word-of-mouth growth of the Total Value Locked in the various Pools
    d) Buzz around the company and street about the company and TRU coin
    e) Price action and Volume on the TRU coin

We have examined over 20 similar projects that were able to use their Telegram community to grow from a sub $.10 coin price to several dollars. These projects were able to speed up use of their platform, grow revenue, and receive major media coverage. It seems Telegram usage has matured in the past year to allow for this and is different than before. We believe that the creation of this group will also result in:

  1. Thousands more Twitter followers-something that will snowball and reduce the management time of marketing: allowing the company to use Twitter more effectively
  2. Many more TradingView write-ups resulting in more institutional buyers of the coin and also more Loan requests on the platform from institutional trading firms
  3. More media coverage from publications and research analysts such as Unchained, Messari research, and even some free influencer write-ups

As a last note, we would like to keep Discord as an actively-managed channel for high-level community and management involvement. We feel the addition of newbie investors/traders into Discord is distracting and overwhelms the channel with talk about price, trading, and simply, complaints which are distracting to mgmt. This causes it to appear as a negative environment and sends the wrong message to potential investors in TRU. A Telegram TRU community should not be heavily censored but, rather, allow price and trading talk, memes, and be fun and full of energy for the investing public.

Please voice

  1. your support for this below, so that we can take this to a vote
  2. any specific suggestions for improving or altering this proposal.
  3. Please do not post comments that are irrelevant to this proposal

I am in support of this, it’s a literal no brainer. TRU can’t thrive if there isn’t an avenue for casual speculation and memes.


I’m up for this given we set clear expectations in telegram group that TrueFi related questions that need to be answered by the team has to be asked in discord. Maybe through a pinned message or something.


I completely agree with orion.da proposal but as kia said we should put a clear statement on the limits of this telegram channel. for non price related questions (fundamentals relating to the project) tickets should be sent to get reply from the core community.


I’m all for this! Definitely something that needs to be implemented.

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Totally agree, this is a must.

I support this idea. I hope that the community manager can manage the group more actively. From my personal experience, I falsefully enter TrustToken group a few months before. The atmosphere was terrible. People spamming insider jokes and irrelevant stuff on other projects. Scams, phishing links and hateful speech are deleted only after nearly an hour. TrueFi telegram group cannot be like that.

@MG-TT @ryan.rodenbaugh @rafaelcosman Guys I know you are busy but we have immense support for this, can we push this (including hiring /formalizing the community manager hire) to a vote? and then push this on the list of TTD?


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I support this proposal

support this. ill contribute a hour a day if need be. this is very important

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Great idea and fully in support of this

I support this proposal and Im willing to contribute for this.
We need this TG asap, before using discord I would always search for the telegram group first.

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Folks, I love this proposal. Even when I read the headline, I felt a sense of relief :sweat_smile:

The truth is this: we’d love to have an official Telegram group from a marketing perspective but (a) having to orient two distinct communities around Q&A, governance, etc AND demand they cross-pollinate their best ideas is a certain kind of nightmare and (b) using core team to manage the volume of conversations on Telegram is not the best use of existing resources.

That said, I agree with your proposal @orion.da, and have taken the liberty of making the community-managed Telegram here: :arrow_right:Telegram: Contact @jointruefi

@orion.da - as you suggested it, I’ve made you a “Community Admin,” which will also come with the privilege of selecting fellow Admins. Transparently, I’m also in the group and, myself, and Admin.

I’d now recommend three things:

  1. Everyone here, I’d recommend you join!!! :slight_smile:
  2. @orion.da, I’d suggest you consider some fellow co-moderators! If I was you, I’d optimize for folks who have proven to be well-informed on TrueFi + can be active on a regular basis, but I leave this to the community to figure out.
  3. As this community proves itself out to be (a) useful and (b) resilient, you may consider applying for a TRU grant, seeking some sort of small monthly stipend for your work as a community moderator - only once you have a track record

Again, thank you all - I’m happy to know this is in your hands.


thanks Michael, looks like you’ve already started choosing some other admins @sun @Kia who have been loyal participants of our community. Let’s grow this everyone, Michael, please put out a tweet about this group on TRU’s twitter, (as the community-managed telegram group) to get people started and get the group up to 1000 people. If anyone has suggestions for whom to appoint as community co-moderators, please feel free to message me in the group.


I fully support this idea. I hope it will happen asap.

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Already has, friend: Telegram: Contact @jointruefi

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