Grants committee and treasury management

  • grants committee and treasury management

  • First and foremost, I want to say how amazing the entire TrustToken/Trufi teams have been doing over the past few months. I have talked to some of my professors and they are incredibly interested and impressed at the credit and lending model that has been built. However, there is more that can be done, and that responsibility belongs to us, the community.

Status of treasury

Needs Management, can’t be in strictly tru anymore

  • Diversify assets into other defi platforms, with active governance to help TRUfi’s interests and build portfolio

The purpose of the diversification of the treasury will be three fold. One, hedging ourselves and predictable returns, building governance tokens in other projects to help push TruFi’s interests and asset suite, and encouraging community participation in governance


  • Trust Token * synthetix curve pools

  • sUSD * TUSD

  • You have to have at least 2500veCRV(the equivalent of 10000CRV locked for a year) to be able to create a new vote

  • Cross-asset Swaps - Curve Finance



  • Governance and synths


  • Listing Assets


  • Compound
    • Shouldn’t take this long to get TUSD listed, we need more governance and voting power to push projects forward


  • Treasury management
  • High interest rates
  • Listing assets

Below are a few examples of successful grants programs that other protocols have implemented. Check them out.

Grants Programs

Some of these grants programs sponsor data bounties for individual contributors. This helps individuals to become interested and actually contribute towards the protocol.

Data programs to pursue

  • Dune Analytics
    • These dashboards, done by a TruFi team member are a perfect example of data programs worth pursuing.
    • I have personally done some of these bounties and they have helped me develop my SQL skills, learn more about the protocol, and contribute to governance.

Some other grants committee responsibilities

Requests for proposals

  • Public funding opportunities for development, paid in TRU


  • Tally, Boardroom


community engagement

Trufi on gnosis safe

  • App development

Grants/Treasury will use

5/5 Multisig Committee, using snapshot voting to gauge community [preference

  • 1 lead, rotating, with timesheets and work records

  • Paid in Tru, PAID well.

  • 200 Tru/Hr for all members of committee.

  • They can waive it if they please

I personally have an idea for a grant that I would like to pursue, so I will share it here.

My Idea for development -truforex lending

Forex (with trufi)

Current Base for “risk free rate”

USD has higher interest rates than most other currencies. We should encourage other Truecurrencies to be borrowed because of their lower interest rates. However, to do this, we would need to create liquidity. We can do this by Creating Liquid Curve Pools for forex, adding forex assets for lending and borrowing on compound, cream, aave, and others.

However, need voting power to achieve this, so it will be perfect for v4

We will do this by:

Governance through the community

Some potential lending options w/potential liquidity pairs


    • -negative interest rates
  • sAUD * TAUD


    • -near zero interest rates (LIBOR negative)
  • sCHF - XCHF

    • Negative interest Rates
  • sKRW - BKRW

Current TrustToken Suite

Poor Liquidity, little place to hedge

  • UMA CDS/Forward Contracts
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I recommend massnomis for this endeavor. I have known him to be passionate about the DeFi ecosystem, highly motivated and knowledgeable in relevant areas.

-Meir Bank

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:slight_smile: Appreciated. I really think that this is the perfect protocol to be innovative and a great opportunity to be the first mover.

Some notes from the community call. Michael - delegated working groups, delegated funds, working on their own, reporting after the cycle

Interested in this idea and getting more discussion around what TrueFi grants might look like. Thanks for the post @massnomis.

And food for thought – some good examples of other DeFi grant programs can be found here:

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This website came out very recently. I am glad it came out. Speaking from personal experience, the committees ran by community members respond a lot quicker and are easier to work with.