TrueFi Marketing Bounty Program, “Refer for Rewards”


Since our last community town hall meeting on 6/2, after @leecrowhurst and @MG-TT suggested building a TrueFi media buying committee, we’ve been exploring successful incentivized community engagement programs - often called bounty programs - and strategizing how to adapt the best case studies into something that’d work for TrueFi’s unique needs.

Authors: @AdaW @MG-TT

Summary: This proposal develops a way to incentive community-driven marketing via TRU rewards from the treasury.

The objective is to (a) grow TrueFi’s current network & reach through social media influencers, writers, artists, journalists and podcasters, (b) prototype the first community-driven marketing effort, and (c) reward those participating appropriately in an incentive-aligned way.

In terms of a proposed timeline & budget, we’d expect to run this program as a 3-4 month trial with a 50,000 TRU budget (equivalent to 10-50 reward disbursements, depending on tier), or until the budget is exhausted - whichever comes first.

Adjusting budget after the end of the trial: If the program is successful, the budget will run out before the trial period. The community may then vote to refill the program budget. If the program is largely underutilized and much of the budget remains unspent, the community can vote to reallocate the budget or reclaim it for general treasury use at the end of the trial period.

The “TrueFi Marketing Bounty Committee” - Suggested Makeup

As executing on many of these referrals will demand the active participation of the TrueFi core marketing team, it’s proposed that the committee steering this initiative have at least some TrueFi core marketing team representation, who will serve both as standard committee members and oversee execution on the referral (which may look like slotting time on Rafael’s schedule for a podcast, booking travel for a conference appearance, creating marketing collateral for a PR opportunity, etc).

As it’s a community-funded effort, and as one of the objectives is to introduce more community leadership to TrueFi’s marketing efforts, it’s also important this committee include representatives from outside the TrueFi core team. Ideally these members would (a) be longstanding users of TrueFi, as well as current TRU holders, (b) have at least nominal expertise in marketing/PR/social media, and (c) be endorsed by the broader TRU community.

The function of the committee is: vetting incoming opportunities, choosing the tier of awards, and paying out successful referrers.

Proposed team structure: to start the conversation, we propose a committee of 6, composed of 3 TrueFi core marketing team members and 3 TrueFi community members endorsed by TRU holders. The committee would require a majority to approve any activity, not full consensus. Any member inactive for 30 days or ineffective (as deemed by committee vote) may be removed from the committee, with the intention that the member be replaced by a person of the same type (i.e. core team or community member).

We encourage you to share any other effective structure to run the program in comments!

Whitelisted Functions Rewarded by the Bounty Committee:

As it stands, it’s the authors’ opinion that the highest ROI marketing activities that can benefit from the widest possible community involvement are largely (a) warm introductions to credible folks with a large, relevant audience and (b) the creation of original educational content on TrueFi. The list below attempts to categorize and qualify each of these activities:

If it’s not obvious, any referring party must be a relevant, warm intro: the referral should fall under one of the above categories, and the referred party should both roughly understand TrueFi & have an intention to work with the project. No duplicate entries, please.

If this program is approved, we’ll accept referrals via Typeform (a survey platform), and then reach out to the referrer via Telegram and/or email.

Reward Tiers: After a referral is approved and executed, the Bounty Committee will rank the value of the resulting deliverable on a 1-3 scale, with 1000-5000 TRU up for grabs (again, these are proposed reward tiers). A sample tiering system, subject to the discretion of the Bounty Committee, is presented below:

These prizes can be adjusted by the committee, especially as TRU price changes, with 7-day advanced notice by the committee on the forum.


This idea will progress in three steps: overall idea & budget approval, then committee selection, and finally, approval of reward types and grant sizes. We’ll discuss it for 3-7 days.

To approve the idea and budget: Does the TRU community approve of this test timeline (3-4 months) and budget (50,000 TRU), and the overall plan for distributing these rewards? It’s at this point we’ll likely move to a Snapshot vote.

Then, to approve the committee makeup, we’ll want to look for good candidates to participate now. Your endorsements of relevant community members are hugely valuable for this - or nominate yourself! (Tip: Tag the person with @____ here in the forum).

Finally, the committee will approve what it will award grants to, and how much those grants will be, from their allotted TRU budget.


Obviously biased as a co-author on this, but broadly speaking, I think it’s vitally important we come up with cool designs to get TRU holders/community members to actively engage in sharing TrueFi. While this particular proposal is still fairly simple, it’s not just intended to achieve its referral goals but to prototype a higher level of community engagement.

In the end, crypto is a word of mouth marketing game: a very high level of trust is necessary to get most folks to make a financial decision (ie buying a token, lending to a pool), and the TrueFi community is the strongest WoM tool we have. This proposal aims to direct, organize, and reward the enthusiasm of TRU holders into the most impactful activities for the protocol’s growth - but it’s just the start.

It’s my hope this is the first of many initiatives we as a community approve to organize and empower TRU holders to take over the reins of TrueFi marketing over the coming years.

I hope to get the community’s comments and support on this initiative, and to also meet a few incredible partners to help run this committee if approved!


Move it to snap shot vote. While the platform is successful, we do need word of mouth support from credible participants in DEFI. I see this as a good idea to grow community engagement to help build the community and spread the word. Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful proposal. :white_check_mark:


I just joined the community, would love to nominate myself here & add value :slight_smile:

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“…crypto is a word of mouth marketing game: a very high level of trust is necessary to get most folks to make a financial decision…”

Two things;

If you’re asking community members to engage on your behalf, you might want to improve upon responses in order to build your base.

I also think Tokenomics haven’t been given sufficient priority, and all the time that remains unresolved it will diminish the ROI for marketing.

The legend! Welcome, good to have you @Aayushjaiswal07!

Hello to everyone in the Trufi Community!

I’m Jason and I am a bit of a marketing and media buff who has been creating content for over 13 years.
In a nutshell, I am someone obsessed with the idea that media can be compelling without compromising integrity for both the audience and company. This unsatiated curiosity would lead me to work for Amazon, Twitch, Facebook Research, and many E-celebrities to help them deliver videos that speak to people. I have generated over 200 million video views organically and paid reach is probably somewhere in the billions.

Now that I got that out of the way (I hate selling myself) I am looking to add some value here to continue feeding my curiosity. Decentralized finance is so new and exciting that I can not help myself. I also see a huge problem with marketing in this space because it is ripe with scams, and bad players.

So consider me to be on the committee. and occasionally cut up some AMA sizzles and other educational content. I do not have a lot of time but I will always help when I can.

Here is a link to one of my older reels.
My other work can be found here.

To the moon!


So unlike Jason (above), Marketing and Media is not my area of expertise – but I do have some useful experience to draw upon, which I’ll go into further.

I have strong IT, technical and commercial background, including a first-class honours degree in Internet Technology from the University of Portsmouth - graduated back in 2006.

More recently I held the position of Operations Director & CIO for a global Marine Manufacturing and Distribution company - overseeing all aspects of the business including responsibility for the Procurement, Logistics, Warehousing and Manufacturing teams along with their ecommerce websites, BI reporting, sales pricing, and the IT infrastructure. As a member of the board of directors, I was also involved in setting the company’s Marketing strategy – whilst also contributing in many of the operational meetings – which included sponsorships/partnerships, media buying, printed catalogues, social media, and web.

Currently I am working as a consultant, primarily in IT and IT security, but also business processes and systems.

I am excited by all things crypto and have enjoyed playing a small part in the TrueFi community since public launch. I think the project has a very strong core team – but more than happy to be part of this sub-team to help where I can.


After this discussion, it seems there is sufficient support for a 3-4 month trial of this committee with a budget of 50,000 TRU to push it to a poll.

After the pool, we’ll likely try to crystallize the final committee members before pushing it to a Snapshot.

Please vote to support/oppose this committee allocation below:

  • SUPPORT: Create “Marketing Bounty” Committee & Fund 50k TRU
  • OPPOSE: Do not create nor fund “Marketing Bounty” Committee

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I can help. I scaled my first startup to millions of users using user-to-user referrals and wrote about it here: The Double Network Effect: How Crypto Can Supercharge Your Referrals Growth | by Nick Soman | | Medium

More recently I was the Growth Lead at Gusto, a Silicon Valley unicorn, and revamped their referral program. I guest lecture for referrals at Reforge, the top training program for growth leaders.

I was a presale investor in TrueFi and I am rooting big for this project to succeed.

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