Long term LPs that deposited before Block X will receive Y% of the tokens designated for burning

This idea has got to be a winner for the early LPs (like me!) who supported the platform from launch!

First proposed on the Discord server: https://discord.com/channels/768936623684714517/768936624112271370/780526365127737404 in reply to my sad Profit/(Loss) spreadsheet :chart_with_downwards_trend: - Jack suggested the following:

**Long term LPs that deposited before Block X will receive Y% of the tokens designated for burning**

Please show your support for this proposal!

Thank you! :kissing_heart:


Sounds like a great idea!

Agreed – sounds like a good idea

Agree, as well…

Absolutely I agree with you

As a staker I recommend including stakers also from the first loan😁

100% agree. Early adopters need to be rewarded for continuing to support a new project through an undeniably rocky launch.

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I agree with this proposal.

Support this proposal but only if there is a emission curve that rewards you the longer you stake, giving a chance for new entrants to the market to earn similar amounts.

Hey @leecrowhurst when you say LPs, do you mean specifically LPs in the Uniswap ETH/TRU pool or other LPs as well?

Also, if the loss you’re talking about is impermanent loss, then why not just hodl? Impermanent loss only becomes permanent loss when you withdraw your liquidity. As long as you hodl and prices come back, you should be fine.

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Sorry rafa Ima go with him on this one, we should implement a loyalty system were tru are increased over time based on for how long we stack to motivate people to provide liquidity for longer

@Velez30- I would be more in favor of a loyalty program where rewards increase, than a payout to early folks that pulled out and lost money because they sold (or withdrew liquidity) at a low point. But something like a loyalty program would be a significant amount of new smart contact development work- and we’re trying to build a lending protocol, not a farming protocol. The farming program is meant to accelerate growth, but we should be putting our engineering efforts into build a great lending protocol, not making the farming more sophisticated.

We all ultimately win if we make the world’s best lending protocol.

@leecrowhurst still interested in your answers to my two questions above.

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Hi @rafaelcosman - my apologies for the slow reply to your questions. Work and family commitments!

By early LPs, I was not explicitly referring to Uniswap ETH/TRU pool - although that one did provide the most risk. I have seen your second reply regarding the early folks. I just felt that the people that were there at launch/early days to help you get the wheels turning on the project should get some recognition. If no one had turned up and invested at launch, we would probably not be discussing this right now :slight_smile:

Regarding your your point on IL in the Uniswap ETH/TRU pool - I’m more than happy to hodl - but I don’t see it at simple as that. It’s not just the TRU price coming back… With many of your pre sale investors using this pool to cash in their big bags of TRU coins for ETH (which was why this pool was needed at launch?) - my amount of ETH has significantly reduced, and I cant see that ratio coming back with any amount of hodling - unless TRU really moons. Happy to share my stats (attached below). Even ignoring the TRU price difference (at I bought mine at launch!) how long before my ETH gets back to 5.22?

Whereas the TUSD/TFI-LP Pool is/was far less risky for IL…

Hey @leecrowhurst- I see what you’re saying. Wouldn’t TRU just have to get back to the same price you entered at (when denominated in ETH) in order to erase your IL? Based on how I understand Uniswap to work, once TRU is back at that price you should have the same number of ETH as you started with when you added liquidity to the Uni pool.

Second, while we could do some payment here, I’d sooner do it in the stablecoin that the protocol is collecting rather than TRU, because I think the very reason TRU is trading at a low price and you have IL is that too many TRU been put into circulation, primarily from farming. Adding more TRU to circulation will only make this worse. In general, I think giving out TRU can be a trap because while it feels like free money coming from the protocol, it ultimately comes out of the pocket of TRU holders such as yourself.