[Proposal] END-Capital Portfolio Manager - Incentives Request

To the TrueFi community,
END Capital is requesting approval for the allocation of TRU incentives for our portfolios, starting with our initial portfolio ( END Capital--Portfolio Manager: Bridging TradFi Assets to DeFi - #10 by jeremykim83 ), which we envision will have a maturity ranging between three to six months.

Additional incentives will be helpful in attracting capital investments into our TrueFi pool, both from the broader market as well as the institutional investors we’ve been engaged with directly. This will result in a strong likelihood of positive network effects, wherein such investors may also consider investments in other TrueFi pools.

  • Yes, TrueFi should provide TRU incentives to support this portfolio.
  • No, TRU incentives should not be provided at this time.

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Hi Jeremy
Good to see you here again
I am supportive of this
Good luck

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Our Snapshot vote is now live: