[Proposal] Expedited TIPs

Expedited TIPs

Hi TrueFi community, this proposal looks to add upon the framework for TIPs we shared here.
Expedited TIPs will allow time-sensitive proposals to skip the forum discussion phase and go straight to Snapshot. This class of TIPs will be reserved for extreme situations when inaction would lead to significant downside for TRU holders.

Previously we shared a framework for how TIPs would work and set guidelines for how long each potential TIP needs to be discussed on the forums before moving onto Snapshot. Beyond these procedures, I believe we also need to set standard procedures for “expedited” or emergency TIPs.

The team and community both agree that the current staking rewards are not worthwhile given gas and opportunity costs in crypto, but there is no way to quickly put forth a proposal to address the issue.

There are changes to the staking and rewards that should be made ASAP. The longer these parameters stay static, the more stagnant TrueFi growth will be. Such changes should go directly to Snapshot as an “Expedited TIP”.

Time sensitive proposal ideas with community support can be fast tracked into Snapshot proposals without first being discussed on the forums based on the discretion of the core TrustToken team. Token holders can veto these proposals by voting “No” on Snapshot.

The ability to publish expedited TIPs will be retired once we transition to on-chain governance.

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