[Proposal] Implementing New Snapshot Account

Author: michael.bland

Summary: The TrueFi DAO no longer has admin access to its Snapshot account. A new Snapshot account, owned by the DAO multisig will be created and the DAO should consider migrating its off-chain voting process to a new Snapshot account.

Background & Rationale:

TrueFi’s legacy Snapshot account (the “Legacy Account”) can be found here: Snapshot

TrueFi’s legacy Snapshot account was originally created by an Archblock, Inc. (the “Company”) employee who is no longer with the Company. That employee did not transfer the Snapshot account admin privileges to the Company during the offboarding process.

Therefore, the TrueFi DAO should create a new Snaptshot account with admin privileges owned and controlled by the DAO’s multisig: “truefi-dao.eth” 0x8c8FcA3812c4272756120E207D3ED496A73Bc528

If this Forum proposal receives positive sentiment, I’ll create a Snapshot vote on the Legacy Account and update the voting details below with a link to the live Snapshot vote.

Snapshot Voting Details: Snapshot


Makes sense, thank you @michael.bland!

This is an important step, thanks for leading that one @michael.bland

Snapshot vote can be found here: Snapshot

Proposal to ratify the new Snapshot space: Snapshot

Voting is now open and closes in 7 days.


Once the new Snapshot space is ratified, the next vote will be to elect the new board.