[Proposal] July 15 - July 29 TrueFi LP Incentives


Tyler Wallace, Ryan Rodenbaugh


Decrease total LP emissions by 10% from 412,500 TRU/day to 370,000 TRU/day

  1. Decrease TUSD by 12,500 TRU/day to 50,000 TRU/day
  2. Decrease USDC by 5,000 TRU/day to 195,000 TRU/day
  3. Decrease USDT by 25,000 TRU/day to 125,000 TRU/day

These changes will go into effect around 11:00 am PST on Thursday, July 15, 2021


Keeping with the cadence laid out on June 15, we’d like to reevaluate the LP TRU incentives every two weeks to (1) try and gradually decrease emission over time (2) target utilizations near 60-70% for each pool.


  • Recent community sentiment has supported lower TRU reward emissions to lenders
  • Utilization across TrueFi is currently at 47%, below our target range of 60-70%; this proposal would reduce TRU rewards most for pools with the lowest utilization rates
    • tfUSDT (36%) and tfTUSD (44%) pools are well below target utilization
    • tfUSDC (55%) is only modestly below target utilization
  • Interest rates across DeFi stablecoin markets remain low
  • Adjusting emissions gradually based upon utilization rates help us test and build a sustainable, long-term model for TrueFi lender incentives


For: You agree with bullets 1-3 above

Against: Keep current incentives as is

Snapshot: Snapshot


I am FOR this proposal to reduce emissions.

George Dick

Yes- also in favor. Especially because utilization is a bit below target right now. If we (hopefully soon) get utilization at or above target, we can boost up farming emissions again to help bring in more capital.