[Proposal] Reduce emissions to tfTUSD and tfBUSD pools


Reduce TRU emissions to tfTUSD and tfBUSD due to limited recent activity in these pools.
Proposed changes would decrease total TRU emissions 30,000 TRU/day, a net reduction of ~10%.


  • New loans have not been made from either pool since July, and little capital has flowed into these pools over the past several months.
  • In line with the overall objective to reduce TRU emissions, TrueFi should decrease TRU to these pools. TrueFi currently emits 40,000 TRU/day to tfBUSD and 10,000 TRU/day to tfTUSD.
    • tfTUSD emissions would be reduced to 0 immediately, as there is currently no loan activity in this pool.
    • tfBUSD emissions would be reduced by 50% to 20,000 TRU/day to start, and then further reduced as outstanding ~$4mm in loans are repaid (assuming no demand for tfBUSD product changes). This gradual decrease serves to compensate lenders who remain in the pool for the life of current outstanding loans.


  1. Decrease tfTUSD emissions from 10,000 TRU/day to 0 TRU/day immediately
  2. Decrease tfBUSD emissions from 40,000 TRU/day to 20,000 TRU/day immediately
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This makes perfect sense based on our recent experience with these pools. Supportive of this proposal.


In line with the new process proposal ([Proposal] Requirements for Proposals), I will move this proposal to Snapshot vote next Monday, Oct 17.

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This proposal is now live in Snapshot: