[Proposal] Requirements for Proposals


Voting and feedback on proposals is inconsistent. I would like to develop guidelines for proposals to make it easier for stakeholders and voters to provide input, while avoiding undue delays to important changes and initiatives.

New Proposal Requirements

  1. Proposals will spend a minimum of 1 week on the forum before going to a vote. Revisions can be made during this period.

  2. Proposals will go to a vote on Mondays and will have a voting period of 1 week.

  3. DAO Board Members may designate a time sensitive proposal as an Urgent Proposal . Urgent Proposals may ignore 1 and 2. Urgent Proposals will spend a minimum of 24 hours in voting.

  4. Whoever puts the proposal up for a vote will give notice on the forums(such as by posting in the Proposal Thread) and ping the appropriate role on Discord(such as @DAO_Member).


This is a more formal version of what I put in the Discord. I am open to suggestions and feedback.

I believe @michael.bland also had a drafted up proposal he wanted to share on this topic!

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Great ideas! I’ve incorporated some of them in a “Governance v2” thread here: Discord

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Really good idea. Excellent process for getting proposals vetted quickly.