[Proposal] Reduce stkTRU cooldown period

Summary of proposal

Reduce stkTRU cooldown period from 14 days to 2 days.


Increase governance participation by reducing friction to staking TRU.


stkTRU is in the process of being deprecated. Slashing permissions were recently restricted, and TFIP-7 proposes to pass control of the stkTRU and SAFU contracts to TrueFi governance.

In the past when stakers were rating loans, there was greater need for stakers to have “skin in the game” where they could be slashed and penalized in case of a default.

Going forward, stkTRU will play a greater role in on-chain governance and management of TrueFi smart contract infrastructure (approving new managers, setting fees, etc.). This proposal would bring stkTRU parameters in line with TrueFi governance parameters, where on-chain proposals have a 2-day delay period before voting commences.


Snapshot voting is now live for this proposal.

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