Wallfacer Labs 2023 recap

Wallfacer Labs is now entering month 8 of its 9-month engagement with TrueFi. As such, we think it’s a good time to give the community an update on our work.

In this post, we’ll recap briefly our contributions thus far and what we plan to do in the last two months of this year.

We break down our contributions into a few key themes below in detail

Key contributions

Developed and supported best-in-class lending infrastructure

TrueFi is infrastructure for on-chain lending. Our Asset Vault tech is behind Adapt3r’s tfBILL Short-Term US Treasury Fund and demonstrates how TrueFi can support RWA activity of many shapes and sizes. We’ve also provided technical support for TrueFi lines of credit, which we are excited to see launch with its first customer very soon.

Users are welcome to watch demos of these products or to deploy/interact with them directly via the tutorials in TrueFi’s docs.

  • Developed Asset Vaults
    • ​​Asset Vaults are specialized vaults that make new types of “Real World Asset” (RWA) activity possible on TrueFi. Asset Vaults represent off-chain instruments by using on-chain attestations called Asset Reports, which are JSON files uploaded to IPFS that contain detailed descriptions of off-chain assets. Ultimately, parties involved in RWA activity need to hold actual legal ownership of the assets, and this infrastructure helps them represent such ownership on-chain.
    • For a brief example of how Adapt3r tfBILL uses Asset Vaults, see this tweet.
    • Asset Vaults went live on Mainnet with the launch of Adapt3r tfBILL. Documentation can be found here.
  • Developed Index Vaults
    • Index Vaults are “fund of funds” infrastructure that enable vaults to allocate funds across underlying TrueFi vaults and other ERC-4626 vaults.
    • In the future, this infrastructure could be used to create a new version of “DAO pools” that allocate across multiple managers and strategies.
    • Index Vaults are live in “Labs” beta on testnet. Documentation can be found here.

Governance took control of key functions and is set up to operate autonomously

In 2023 TrueFi moved further down the path of decentralization by moving ownership of key functions to the DAO, while also putting in place checks that mitigate the risk of malicious attacks to governance.

TrueFi smart contracts are owned and controlled by TrueFi DAO on-chain governance. We shepherded improvements here because we see governance as a key differentiator between TrueFi and the rest of the RWA market. Decentralized governance gives lenders, PMs, and borrowers assurance that they can’t be rugpulled by the protocol.

Improved the user experience and showcased how TrueFi can partner with institutions / third-party providers

TrueFi got a new, optimized front end that is much simpler and faster than the legacy user interface. This is meant to serve general purposes for users to view and interact with TrueFi. Additionally, we supported Archblock in their work on the Archblock marketplace app, which serves as good model in showing how third parties can build on top of TrueFi’s open infrastructure and cater to institutional investors.

Provided support to external parties

In addition to the more technical work mentioned above, we have also provided “soft” support to multiple actors across the TrueFi ecosystem. We continue to evangelize TrueFi and help external parties learn how they can work with TrueFi.

Spread awareness of TrueFi through educational content and socialized ideas for TrueFi’s future

Additionally, we have spent time writing and sharing our ideas across the wider DeFi and RWA ecosystems. This has helped to spread awareness of TrueFi to new actors, and in 2024, we hope more focus on marketing and communication can help TrueFi reach more people.

What’s next?

In the remainder of 2023, our focus is on supporting Adapt3r’s tfBILL by providing technical support to potential lenders, and potentially, by deploying asset vaults on L2 network(s).

We will also provide technical support to new borrowers, PMs, and lenders onboarding to TrueFi. Kryptonim is expected to launch its line of credit on TrueFi in early November, and we will be available to support this product.

In addition to these areas, we are happy to collaborate with other initiatives driven by the community.


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Thanks for the post @WallfacerLabs Team and looking forward to figuring out what we can accomplish in 2024.


Great work here and really helpful summary.