[Proposal] Seeking New TrueFi Foundation Board of Directors

Author: michael.bland

Summary: The TrueFi Foundation is ready for a new slate of Directors. If you believe you may be a good candidate to hold one of these three seats, then please review this proposal and submit a platform statement before Friday, November 24th.

Background & Rationale:

Alex de Lorraine, Rafael Cosman, and Masahide Hoshi (collectively, the “Directors”) have been serving as interim directors since the TrueFi Foundation’s (the “Foundation”) initial incorporation in 2022. The Directors now believe that the Foundation is in a good enough state to have the TrueFi Community formally elect a new slate of directors for the next 1-year term.

This election will achieve Step III, part 2: Governing Board of the TrueFi DAO’s path to decentralization. Through the recently approved Voting Power of Attorney, TrueFi DAO members will now have an effective voice in governing the Foundation’s management. This board election will be the TrueFi DAO’s first attempt to use their token voting rights to effectuate an off-chain event.

Election Process & Voting Details:

Starting today, the TrueFi community will be accepting candidates to fill the Foundation’s three (3) board seats. If you are interested in becoming a director of the Foundation, please submit a platform statement explaining (i) how you’d contribute to the Foundation, the TrueFi Protocol, and the TrueFi community, (ii) what new ideas you will bring to TrueFi, (iii) why you’re a good candidate to hold one of the three (3) board seats through this next term.

Platform statements should be submitted to this Forum with the following title:

[Board Candidate] FirstName LastName’s Platform

Platform statements will be open for submission and review from today through Friday, November 24th.

On Monday, November 27th, a Snapshot vote will be put forward with the names of individuals who submitted platform statements. TRU community members may then vote for their preferred three (3) candidates using Snapshot’s approval voting method. After the Snapshot vote closes, the top three candidates will be elected to the TrueFi Foundation’s Board of Directors the Voting Power of Attorney (if the POA is approved via Snapshot before November 27th).

Snapshot Voting Details: If this proposal receives positive feedback, a Snapshot vote will be posted here on Monday, November 27th to conduct the official off-chain voting process to approve a new slate of Directors.


Posting here links to the three excellent Board Member candidacies we’ve seen so far:


This vote is live on Snapshot until January 4