Proposal to Become a Board Observer

Hello TrueFi community! Rafael, founder (and former CEO) of Archblock here.

I have served for some time as an interim board member for TrueFi DAO in order to help get it on its feet. We now have a new slate of board members who are running, and, while I am open to continuing being a board member, I am leaning towards being a non-voting Board Observer if the community would support that.

This would be a non-voting and unpaid role and would serve to add some oversight with the board to ensure a smooth transition as we bring in some new leaders from the community. I am also open to be considered for a board seat if the community prefers, but having reviewed the new candidates that are running, I am excited to support these new leaders and see where they can take the DAO and protocol.

Thanks and I am open to any feedback!



Fully support this proposal!


The role of Board Observer would require a legal amendment to the Board’s governance structure, I think this Proposal makes a ton of sense.

For the sake of business continuity, having one individual who helped build TrueFi to become a leading on-chain loan protocol and has Board experience onboard, will help bridge the knowledge gap without compromising the Board’s independence.

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I support this notion.