tfUSDC Pool Status on New App?

Just seeing the recent migration to the new version, congrats to all.
The legacy app is prompting me to move by tfUSDC to the new tfUSDC Pool.

  1. Will the new tfUSDC Pool show on the new app soon? (as I’m not seeing the details on this Pool, or what the yield is, I’m going to sit on it for now).
  2. Will there be a future opportunity/liquidity for tfUSDC holders to swap back to USDC (either on the app or by creating a pool on one of the other aggregators)?
    Thanks in advance!

There is not a new version of tfUSDC and no need to migrate. tfUSDC is still the same contract (0xA991356d261fbaF194463aF6DF8f0464F8f1c742) and can be viewed in the legacy TrueFi app.

Re: #2, please see the instructions in this thread for claiming USDC as a tfUSDC holder:

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Thanks, Tyler - I see. So the tfUSDC pool (and others are showing 0% yield on the app). Is this just becuase these pools are not currently being used for lending activities?

Sorry, Tyler- disregard last post, I read the post by Bill in full.

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