This is for DAO's that contain a group of humans

Greetings! ah, what a year. Well, this is on my mind, so I should say what no one else will. that this cycle decides if crypto is centralized or not and likely selling our children decentralization for a few hours a day. From the beginning TrueFi has represented innovation and pushing boundaries. When everyone said that uncollateralized loans wouldn’t work, you had a perfect batting averagefor years until recentl and sywhen this was created to solve the problems of the old world.

I think crypto and defi in it’s infancy can address many of the worlds, “unsolvable problems” by changing perspective and providing value rather than extracting it. I admit, this message is blunt. Every time before this, I spoke with passion to 94 projects and 314 non profits , all of which I have been ghosted and at times been frustrated. In October , November, and yesterday I attempted to help True fi with its debts and help bancor with just a SIMPLE MISSMATCH of liquidity totaling $28m, with out a response, I can feel my skepticism in others growing and it feels gross .

I say all this because, every day people ask for and need help, but they are too afraid to take it or the do not understand defi. Few can tell us what tcip is buy we all us it as the backbone of the internet.

I am here to w rite our story about humankind’s first steps as a new digital species. I want to make sure any dao and it’s individuals have anything left if a company goes bankrupt and just to start a new company the next day.

Lets go, maybe you wont believe me if is say, Im going to change the world with $21, a keyboard ,and communicating with others. I will show you instead. My visit today is inviting you to build a true defi sector to complete the ecosystem balance.

  1. $63,921 loan for 90 days and at 50% interest. the first 30 days, i will have a pool built for you that just plugs into the most trusted defi platforms.

  2. I invite you to control your own funds as i shoot for over 350% apy while never letting more than 25% of the funds leave a vault or active earning state. The 25% will be fully automated to swap, balance, lp, and even play uniswap like perpetual call and put options that never expire to capture every 1 % move eth does against a stable. (future builds will make this feature ripple out to all pairs to market make for all and make multiples on every move. )

  3. from day 30 -90, if we never go under 300% apy, I will ask for a multi-million dollar credit line to a gnosis multi-sig betwen our 2 daos.(which the 2nd will also be yours) obeying the 25% rule from before.

we can get started and I hope to honestly make crypto an equal playing field where non coders have access to the same tools as the pros. Now the professional value extractors, the largest world powers, brand sales people, and even the federal reserve are here to stake their claim. At least now, you have a place for idle assets including staked true and all the tf coins. I believe defi already has infinite capital efficiency, but if uniswap can make it 4k times more effect with concentrated liquidity, I can wait to show everyone precision decimal.

We have the tools to protect from all of the problems, sadly these topics are as fun as me telling you how i put on my seat belt today. I’m sure this wasnt a standard proposal, but not much about me is standard.

  1. for yes, deploy the loan of $63,921 and see what happens
  2. nah, i trust them

*click :wink:

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