Token exchange ERC-20 to BEP-20 and staking PLEASE HELP

Hi, I saw on the Twitter feed that there is a token exchange from the ERC-20 to the BEP-20 token for TRU and I have some questions.

1-Where do you get up to date news about this stuff. I always just search online and find out on Twitter? The website I visit is just the TrueFi site with the app, and I never see info there.

2-I currently have my TRU staked on the app. Do I need to unstake my TRU to exchange the ERC-20 for the BEP-20 token?

3-Will both tokens stay in circulation or do I need to exchange?

4-Is there an option for people in the USA to exchange the TRU token or can you only do it at Binance?

5-Where can I obtain the TRU wallet? I’ve seen it talked about on Twitter, but I can’t find it.

6-What exchanges can you trade the new TRU BEP-20 token

7-Where can I find the information on the TRU-BEP-20 token, so I can add the token to my meta mask wallet?

8-Will I be able to stake the new token as well?

I have limited knowledge of crypto, so these things can be tough for me and I appreciate your help.

9- Over all, do I need to even exchange the TRU ERC-20 token for the BEP-20 Token? Will the ERC-20 be taken out of circulation eventually or anything? What is the reason for the BEP-20 token?

10-Sorry for all the questions. I’m excited by the idea of their being a TRU BEP-20 token because I think that will lower gas fees. Right now I stake about 17k TRU ERC-20 tokens, which is worth it, but it’s not worth it to claim the rewards and stake then often. I believe it would be way better if I could do that with the TRU BEP-20 token. I just can’t find information on this. Right now I’m worried that if I unstake my TRU I will be given the TRU BEP-20 token and that my connected wallet won’t be able to hold it. If I unstake my tru, will I receive the ERC-20 or BEP-20?

11- If I unstake my TRU ERC-20 and exchange it for the TRU BEP-20, will I be able to stake that and what is the best wallet to do that? I am in the US. I really want to do this if the fees are lower. I just want to make sure it’s tradable. I am also looking to acquire about 50k TRU and want to make sure I understand what’s going on before doing that. Thanks again

The support channel in discord (TrueFi) is a better place for this. However I’ll answer a couple:

3- There are no plans to retire the ERC-20 version; you do not have to exchange.
10- If you unstake you will receive ERC-20 tokens.

Thanks. Could you shoot me a link to the support channel? I’ve been unable to find it. Much obliged

I linked the server as a whole above; I don’t think I can link to specific channels but you can see it in the bottom left of this picture: