[Treasury] How valuable is the .com & @TrueFi Twitter handle?

It’s no secret we’ve been looking to acquire the TrueFi .com domain name and @TrueFi Twitter handle - but it hasn’t been offered in a single package before.

We’re in contact with the owner of both assets now, and want to get a sense of how valuable the TrueFi community thinks these assets are, and if we’re willing to expend TRU treasury on their purchase.

Website: https://truefi.com

@TrueFi Twitter: https://twitter.com/truefi

The owner’s asking price is $100k for both assets. He prefers dollars > stablecoins > BTC/ETH > TRU.

The question is two-fold: should TrueFi spend its COMMUNITY treasury to purchase these assets, and at what price?

  • YES: Spend $100k of community TRU to buy these assets
  • MAYBE: I support spending community TRU on these assets, but believe $100k overvalues these assets
  • NO: I do not support spending community TRU on these assets

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Has anyone reached out to Twitter regarding the account? What happens if we buy the Twitter account and then they suspend the account because selling an account is a violation of their ToS?

Attempts to sell, buy, or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for usernames are also violations and may result in permanent account suspension.


It sounds like the website is worth buying since that’s the world we live in (though maybe not for 100k), but for the Twitter handle it might be both dangerous (if they suspend us) and also unnecessary (can Twitter shut down that account for impersonation?). Though unfortunately it sounds like the same person owns both? in which case trying to sic Twitter on them may be a bad move in the website negotiations :slight_smile:

If we acquire the @truefi Twitter handle, is it possible to then convert the @trusttoken handle into @truefi? The TrustToken handle is valuable because it has a lot of followers, but otherwise ‘TrustToken’ (the name) isn’t used anywhere else anymore so if we could transfer all followers from TrustToken → TrueFi that would be very valuable.

If we’re going to have to start TrueFi from ground zero, that’s tougher.

re: website, I’d say it’s a marginal improvement.

At the same time, in the grand scheme, 100k isn’t that much for both of these to consolidate our online presences.


Plenty of people use a different Twitter handle than their name. If you search “Truefi” on Twitter the top result is TrueFi.io so I don’t think owning the original would be beneficial.

I don’t think the website matters much and generally dislike buying when it seems the guy is inflating the price just because he can.

@benjamincosman & @nic - No way to know for sure what Twitter’s response would be, but you bring up a good point.

@ryan.rodenbaugh - the @TrueFi handle would start from 0. In principle, it could be used to post different content than the @TrustToken handle in the long term, but there’s no way to transfer followers 1:1.

Generally, I tend to agree the proposed price is above the value created for the protocol.

What, then, do you each perceive the value of these assets to be?
Feel free to give a sense of value for each or combined.

I’d say we should offer 10k or less for the website, with the understanding that the non-sellable handle will be thrown in as a goodwill gesture :slight_smile: . But I’m totally pulling that number out of my butt and will defer to anyone with more expertise.

I think @ryan.rodenbaugh suggested to change the TrustToken handle name to TrueFi.

  1. Buy TrueFi handle
  2. Change TrueFi handle to something else
  3. Change TrustToken handle to TrueFi

I see more value in getting a good twitter handle than a .com.

I don’t think they’re worth 100k.

Separating TrueFi and TrustToken twitter handles does seem valuable – I think we should go forward with that whether we have @truefi or a slight variant on @truefi.

Yup! That’s exactly what I’d love to see