Change the name of the token to "TrueFi" instead of "TrustToken"

Short post, but pretty self-explanatory.

Some people in the Discord have voiced this and I agree that it’s confusing that we still use the TrustToken branding, especially as it refers to the TRU token.

Coingecko already calls it TrueFi because (they said) when their users search for the token, they found they were searching “TrueFi” and not “TrustToken”.

The three most important places to update this now are Etherscan, Coinmarketcap, and our blog posts. It will be tougher to do this in the future once more venues support TRU.

If you disagree, definitely please respond why in addition to voting

Should the name of the TRU token be TrueFi or TrustToken?
  • Change the name to TrueFi
  • Keep the name as TrustToken

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Thanks for bringing this up to a vote. I’ve been advocating this since even before the launch.

If you guys want the TRUEFIIO ( twitter handle, I registered it back in Nov (before launch). I’m happy to hand it over to you guys if you want it.


Proper community effort! :clap: @Kenny

I voted yes but if you guys do this, please take the time and spend the money to construct a simple press release for this with a quote from Rafael and issue this over the AP newswire so it shows up in google results, it’s about $500 for a local market release via business wire or PR newswire with AP distribution and it will show up on some 50 websites and begin to create a huge brand for the company. It will also give your PR firms easy ammunition to email Forbes, WSJ and the like… There have been countless accomplishments by this company that can’t be found on google. Every potential buyer of the token and future wallet holder will google the company/token before buying it. You’ll have more customers over time as well, and rank higher for search terms like DeFi.

I’ve managed the PR strategy for dot coms and crypto companies going back 20 years and I’ve never seen a company avoid doing simple things like this as TT has. TT would have 3x as many wallet holders and a price 3x as high if this had been done from the get-go IMHO.


Without sounding like a broken record, I completely agree with orion on everything he said on the marketing.

Agree with branding to TrueFi.

I also think the logo on the site shouldn’t be lowercase “truefi” — it aesthetically looks weird like some word in another language.

If we rebrand to TrueFi, it should be capitalized as such in the logo / marketing.

Thank you to everyone who voted and provided input here, it seems like the community interest in changing the name is quite strong.

We’ll figure out what the next steps are and will keep you posted.

Update on implementation plan:

  1. TRU is now the name used to refer to the token (never TrustToken, which is used to refer to the operating business entity, as in “the TrustToken Inc team”)

  2. We’re in the process of changing TrustToken -> TrueFi across (a) exchange partners and (b) price tracking lists (ie CoinMarketCap). This will take some time.

  3. We’re going to change TrustToken -> TrueFi on at least one social media channel, maybe more. We’re discussing buying & @TrueFi on Twitter, which would run as its own Twitter handle separate from TrustToken (not replacing it).

Awesome news!

If you guys can’t buy TrueFi twitter handle, you can buy TRUEFIIO ( from me for free. :slight_smile:

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Agreed on every thing Orion.da has said. This is such a good project but the marketing / promo has been terrible to say the least. Come on guys please step it up in this regard. For example, how can Alameda Research get a 10mm loan and nobody knows about it. Alameda is huge in the crypto landscape. Without efforts in marketing, there is no way this becomes a top 100 coin which it should be. There are countless projects which has nothing going on in regards to usage but yet the token has huge interest solely from marketing.


I completely agree with JupiterCapital and Orion.da

The marketing strategy needs support from everyone at the top. I’ve been sending suggestions and feedback to Rafael since the launch in Nov. I think it’s a little ridiculous that after 1.5 months, TrueFi’s TVL is still not listed on the lending section of DefiPulse – even AFTER paying them some big Ad buys… Kind of absurd if you ask me.

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To close the loop on this, DeFi Pulse listings is live!

Lots of place still are showing TrustToken, including Zerion, Zapper, Metamask and etherscan

Need to remedy this as soon as possible @ryan.rodenbaugh