Welcome to the TrueFi Community Forum

Welcome to TrueFi’s forum. Here you can discuss and talk about the platform, propose new features, and submit borrowing requests for its review by the TrueFi community

TrueFi - Forum rules

  1. Member conduct.

1.1 Language: TrueFi is a worldwide community. As a result, what may be OK to say in your part of the world, may not be OK elsewhere. Please do not direct profanity, sexually explicit language, or other offensive content toward others. Conversely, while reading posts from other members, remember that a word you find offensive may not be so to the writer. Tolerance is a two-way street.

1.2 Nudity: It is unacceptable to post nude or pornographic imagery in any way.

1.3 Flaming/Lack of respect: TrueFi aims to revolutionize finance, and this does not involve virtual yelling (flaming) or rudeness. When dealing with any member, always show respect and courtesy. Never post in a demanding, argumentative, disrespectful, or self-righteous manner.

1.4 Personal attacks, racial, political, and/or religious discussions: TrueFi’s forum is a place to discuss features of the platform, and to submit new borrowing projects. Posts that are deemed racial, political, religious, or personally offensive are not permitted on TrueFi’s forum.

1.5 All members are expected to read and adhere to TrueFi’s rules.

  1. Use the English language.

We understand that with all the different nationalities, not everyone speaks English well, but please try. If you are unable to post in English, use an online translator. You are free to include your original message in your language, below the English translation. (This rule covers your posts, profile entries, and signature).

  1. Search before posting.

Use one of our search functions before posting or creating a new thread. Whether you have a question or just something new to share, it is very likely that someone has already asked that question or shared that news.

  1. Create a thread topic or post a message only once.

4.1 Reduce clutter: As a constantly growing forum, we want to minimize unnecessary clutter. You are free to edit your message as you like, so if you do not receive an answer, revisit your message and see if you can improve its clarity.

4.2 Duplicate threads and posts will be removed.

4.3 Links to an external source are only allowed if relevant to the topic at hand. A description must be included, no copy and pasting from the source.

  1. Do not post or request warez.

We do not accept piracy, nor do we permit members to request, post, promote, or describe how cracks, serial codes, or exploits can be obtained or used.

  1. Create only ONE User Account

You are allowed ONE User Account at TrueFi’s forum. If you create additional accounts, moderators will disable them, and your original account may also be disabled or infracted.

  1. Keep threads/posts on-topic

Whilst a minor amount of off-topic posting may be overlooked, the general rule is that your posts/threads must be relevant to the Forum/thread in which you are posting.