Contract Extension For Community Moderators


Sequel to our previous proposal, our current contract, which expires by the end of June, we, Joseph Appolos and Emmanuel Boamah, are proposing an extension for the next six months. We have served as TrueFi’s community moderators since April 2022. Our current contract expires at the end of June 2024. We seek a renewal of our contract from July through December 2024 to continue our dedicated service to the TrueFi community.

Overview of Services


Justification for Extension

Community Moderation Necessity

  • Effective community moderation is essential in web3 to ensure safety, engagement, and active participation.
  • Increased community activity is expected with the resumption of lending activities and TrueFi’s expansion to Arbitrum. Our role will be crucial in managing this growth and ensuring a positive community experience.

Value of Our Services

  • Safety and Security: Prevention of scams and maintaining a spam-free environment.
  • Engagement: Keeping the community chat active and lively.
  • Support: Providing continuous support and addressing queries.
  • Marketing Assistance: Assisting with marketing tasks as needed.

Contributions and Achievements

During Our Tenure

  • Maintained a healthy, active, and informed community.
  • Responded promptly to community queries and concerns.
  • Fostered a sense of unity and activeness within the community.
  • Managed the Telegram group, ensuring clear communication and lively discussions.

Strategic Importance and Community Building

TrueFi’s Expansion to Arbitrum

  • TrueFi’s partnership with Cicada Credit and expansion to Arbitrum positions us to attract new lenders.

  • Our continued moderation will be essential in guiding new members from this partnership, amongst other responsibilities.

  • Now is the pivotal time to strengthen and grow our community. A robust and engaged community is a cornerstone of success in web3. Many users evaluate projects based on community activity and support.

  • We suggest exploring additional strategies to enhance community engagement and create an interactive atmosphere for new and existing members.

Proposed Terms for Extension


  • Period: July 2024 to December 2024


  • Source: DAO Treasury
  • Preferred Currency: TRU tokens
  • Payment Method: *Sablier ** payment streams
  • Monthly Amount: $500 total ($250 per person)

ETH Addresses

  • Joseph Appolos: 0x79aB78Fe4b4B166da1B868527E587bc9b8B6A3AE
  • Emmanuel Boamah: 0xc2069e336596adbef917d8af715610f221d848db

Technical Assistance

We kindly request the assistance of WALLFACER Lab, who helped us with the previous proposal, to assist in setting up the Sablier payment stream and handling other technical details related to this proposal.


Our commitment to TrueFi remains unwavering. We are prepared to continue enhancing and supporting the TrueFi community, adapting to evolving needs. Our experience and achievements make us well-suited for this role, and we look forward to the opportunity to contribute further to TrueFi’s success.


I agree with this proposal. I think the compensation requested if fair, and the team have been doing a sterling job of responding quickly to questions and comments within the Discord and Telegram.


Wanted to make a note here. This team has been consistent and reliable in my experience and the fee is very fair. The transparent headcount breakdown is very reasonable based on the commitments as well.


Please note that the Truefi Foundation Board will make their best endevours to assist with the Tally proposal. (please note that currently Wallfacer is not on contract with Truefi). Bear with us for the next few days on this matter.


Alright. Thank you. It’ll be greatly appreciated.

Please let us know if you need anything.

We’ll also appreciate updates regarding implementation as they happen to keep us informed.

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What’s next with this proposal @TheSkyHopper

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bear with me here. apologies on this delay.