Changing TFI-LP to tfUSD


Change the name of TrueFI LP (TFI-LP) to TrueFi USD (tfUSD) and standardize all future pools around the same format (e.g., TrueFi WETH / tfWETH)


Over the past two weeks or so, have been thinking about how to grow adoption for TFI-LP.

The thinking is that If TFI-LP becomes widely adopted, it will increase pool deposits. For an example of what I’m thinking, see my proposal on the CREAM forum. This post was probably a bit premature, so I’ll try again in the future.

Over time, there will be more TrueFi Pools. Pool 1 (that’s now live) currently accepts only TUSD, but over time will also accept additional USD-backed stablecoins, including USDC. Those two assets can be in the same pool because those assets are basically interchangeable and are both a part of yCRV. If you wanted to borrow/lend wBTC or ETH, you’d need a different pool. Since those pools will probably exist one day, we need a consistent naming and branding convention for all of these pools/corresponding tokens.

Next Steps:

Please vote on the poll here and leave comments if you feel differently. If all looks good, will quickly move to proposal and Snapshot.

If you vote “Yes - But go with a different naming convention” please comment a suggestion below as well

Should the name of TFI-LP be changed?
  • Yes - And go with the tfToken standard
  • Yes - But go with a different naming convention
  • No - Keep TFI-LP

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tfUSD token standard sounds most catchy and definitely the way to go


Voting in favor of tfUSD and the tfToken standard. Thank you for the post @ryan.rodenbaugh. I agree that this will be a key part of increasing adoption of TFI-LP on other platforms.


Someone in chat proposed the standard TRUBond-token , e.g. TRUBond-USD, TRUBond-ETH

As a marketing/brand strategy professional I find it more appealing despite the standardized approach by other projects

Calling it a bond attracts unwanted regulatory attention, imo. I’m for the tfToken convention. :+1:

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I agree. Bond is explicitly used in other context and not applicable here at all, as traditionally Bond implies a legal binding contract and regulatory checks in place . In Defi related lending, it is not applicable at all, hence it will be confusing to term this form of interest bearing token as a bond.

Snapshot Link: Snapshot