CMS Holdings borrow request

Hi TrueFi Stakers,

We are CMS Holdings, a principal investment and trading firm focused on making investments across the crypto asset ecosystem. We look to deploy capital in liquid and illiquid crypto tokens, as well as equity stakes in selective companies.

We’re interested in borrowing 2mm TUSD for 30 days at 12% and will seek to increase this amount over time as we build up a history of repayment.

About us:
We’re founded by Dan Matuszewski (former Head of Trading @ Circle Trade), Bobby Cho (former Global Head of Trading at Cumberland), and Julien Seguin (former CTO of Circle Trade). You can find us on Twitter at @cmsholdings.

You can hear more about our firm on podcasts including: Ledger Cast and On the Brink

CMS Borrower Request
  • Yes - Approve request as is
  • Yes - But limit credit to 1mm
  • No - Do not add the borrower to the platform at this time

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I would recommend starting with a 1 million credit for the first loan, as I am not very familiar with CMS holdings. It would also be a good way to build trust for the first loan and then be able to borrow larger amounts in the future.

Have you seen their memes though?

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@CMS - thank you for the application and looking forward to hopefully having you on the platform very soon! I am voting in favor of your proposal but limiting the credit to $1mm at first and then ramping up once you have a track record with TrueFi built up. I believe you are an excellent team and very trustworthy, I just want to make sure the platform is being conservative while it’s still small and quite vulnerable to any potential losses.

CMS Holdings is huge and very profitable, but the fact that they will use the funds to make equity stakes into companies in addition to liquid investments leads me to agree with @rafaelcosman , let’s limit it to $1mm as a test run as this is a new type of investment mandate for our loan portfolio.

I support CMS holdings become one of our partners. However, I would like to limit credit to 1mm and I would only stake on the proposal if the APY is a bit higher than 12%. The market interest rate is increasing. With limited transparency and being a relatively new partners, I don’t think your company can justify 12% interest rate.

Agree with the above comments. I support CMS, but would limit to 1MM to start with and would like to see slightly higher interest rates, more in line with current market conditions.

CM Sholdings is the real deal. I think 2m is a good start.

@CMS On another note, would CMS be able to endorse our platform and our $TRU coin on their 1)Twitter account and other Social Media 2) issue a joint press release with us? Are there any other ways CMS might be able to help our marketing/business development efforts or help drive more price activity/volume for our $TRU coin?

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