Community forums - Engagement and Interaction

Hi, my name is Neal, this is my first post.

I’m a member of a few Defi (Decentralised Finance) forums and wanted to share some data over the last three months of how frequently users visit and how they interact whilst there (ie. create or replies to topics):

The large Defi projects listed here have more than 3,000 registered users, Small Defi projects have less than 400 registered users :


The data shows that the majority of users in large communities are not visiting very frequently and even less are interacting. Whilst the smaller community numbers are better, it is possible that the numbers might go the same way as they continue to grow in size. The question is: why are so many people signing up and tuning out?

Possible reasons

Defi is complex – A lot of the material on forums is difficult for the average person to understand.

A lot of information – Although topics are categorized, it is hard to know where to start and how to gain a good overview of everything going on.

Hard to know what the main objectives are – DAO’s (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) are a new concept still in its infancy and with the larger forums in particular, it is hard to know what a community is collectively trying to achieve.

I am interested to hear the thoughts of others and have another post to make with some suggestions on how to address the issues mentioned above.

Hope I’ve not overstayed my welcome already!

Best wishes from Sydney Australia where I am currently in Covid lockdown :mask:

… and home-schooling my nine-year-old son Harry is proving to be quite a challenge :crazy_face:


Thanks for sharing! A reminder of how early we are if the large projects only have a few thousand registered users


I like your positive response, Ryan.

I often hear people saying ‘we are so early’ in crypto and it can be hard to believe at times because so much has happened already and it seems to be moving at such breakneck pace.

I am really fascinated by Defi’s potential and it will be interesting to see where we are, even in one year’s time, let alone five … :slightly_smiling_face: