Development and Protocol Security Documentation?

Dear WF @WallfacerLabs,

Could someone kindly link us to the repos and documentation for development done in 2023, including any audit, fuzzing, or FV reports, where available? We appreciate your time in providing the links.

Bump. Could anyone please point us in the best direction of the development, audits, etc. for 2023? I am only finding the products from 2022, so not sure if looking in the wrong place?

Providing the GitHub link would be sufficient?

Hi Sanctus, thanks for being patient, we took the time to compile a comprehensive summary

As referenced in the 2023 recap, core development work consisted of Asset Vaults, Lines of Credit, Index Vaults, along with work on the front-end and governance.

Most core development work on the protocol was done in the first three quarters of the year. We have focused on governance and commercialization of the protocol (demoing and supporting borrowers and PMs) over the past couple of months, including support for lines of credit with Kryptonim and Bastion. There is one more partnership in the works that might unlock some yield farming opportunities for TRU holders, for the first time since the staking rewards had been turned off.

Below are some key links:

Asset Vaults

Credit Vaults

Lines of Credit

Index Vaults

Front-end work

  • The TrueFi front ends have not been open sourced. Open sourcing front end interfaces is not a standard within the industry since it opens an opportunity for “cheap forks” to appear, degrading the reputation of the protocol / potentially harming protocol users and token holders. TrueFi front-end code is held in a private Github repo operated by the TrueFi Foundation and long-time community members.
  • A new version of the front end was released in late August (link). This effort not only implements new protocols into our front end, but also improves UI/UX, drastically improves performance, modernizes underlying libraries and handles a lot of legacy tech debt in the app.
  • We have also spent effort working with Archblock to help them build their own application on top of TrueFi protocol smart contracts. This is where Adapt3r launched tfBILL (there is also a TrueFi version of the asset vault page)
  • The eventual decision to open source should be driven by governance.

Awesome. Thank you. Will review.