Hex Trust Borrow Request

Hi TrueFi Stakers,

We are Hex Trust Limited, an Asian digital asset custodian. We are requesting a loan of $2,000,000 TUSD for 1 month and we are willing to pay 12% p/a.

About us
Established in 2018 in Hong Kong, Hex Trust is the leading Asian digital asset custodian. To deliver the market’s leading digital asset custody solution for various parties, such as banks, financial institutions, asset managers, exchanges, we built a bank-grade platform - Hex Safe™ -.

Through Hex Safe™, clients can access liquidity providers, exchanges, lending, borrowing, and staking platforms while assets are held in our compliance-focused platform with the highest security available in the market. Hex Trust has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore and is expanding to the European market during 2021.

We are constantly engaged with some of the renowned players in the cryptocurrency sector with our CEO discussing the growth of institutional adoption of digital assets and blockchain tech in terms of investment and direct utilisation of these networks with Sean Lee, the CEO of Algorand Foundation.Lately, we successfully close our Series A, raising US$6 million from a range of leading global investors in both traditional finance and digital assets.

Use of funds
We wish to use the funds to facilitate the settlement of clients, trades for their assets in custody in Hex Safe across different venues. Hex Trust Limited Website: https://hextrust.com/
Our LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hextrust/

Thank you Hex Trust team. Can you please let us know if you have a relationship with any of our current borrowers? This is just a helpful data point as well. I’ve added a poll for our community as well.

  • Yes, approve Hex Trust for TrueFi review
  • No, decline participation on TrueFi at this time

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Hi @RDharia

I went through the list.

We know quite well Nibbio and Amber. Please let me know if you need any references.


A reference from either would be great. Thanks Alessio!

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Given the recent demand at 16-17%, 12% feels somewhat low to me right now. (But I’m not an expert on this; what do others think?)

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Can you clarify what that poll represents? because I want to vote “YES, I hope to see Hex Trust onboard, but NO, I think the 12% rate is too low”

Hi Benjamin-- Wanted to follow up on your question. Prospective borrowers are seeking community approval to borrow on TrueFi. TRU stakers can rate individual loans on the app itself after the borrower has posted the loan request. Thanks very much for the question.

12% is way too low unless you can bring us some other additional values with promises.

Well depending on their calculated credit score and using the proposed new rate system, at this pool utilization a rate of between 10-20% is acceptable. This request would therefore rate Hex Trust at a credit score of 200. If Truefi could confirm the score then I have no problem with the proposed rate.

We’re actually waiting on Hex Trust to submit requested documentation so they can be scored. Based on that score, their total assets and pool utilization a loan amount and interest rate will be calculated. Thanks for the question!

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