Poloniex Borrow Request

Hi TrueFi Stakers,

We are Poloniex, a leading digital assets exchange with offices in North America, Asia and Europe. Poloniex was one of the first exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets and has attracted millions of customers and facilitated tens of billions of dollars of trades. We are dedicated to creating the most advanced digital asset exchange in the world.

Founded in 2014, Poloniex is one of the longest-running cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Per Coingecko, we have a high ‘trust score’ and trade over USD 200,000,000 in volume per day. We also have a high score on FTX’s Global Volume Monitor and are one of the world’s 30 biggest exchanges.

We want to request a loan of 2 million TUSD for 30 days, and we are willing to pay 12%.

Currently, We have added support for TRU and are running a trading competition for the coin. We plan to use these funds to promote $TRU and Truefi through our social media platforms with the loan. We will also use marketing campaigns and events to increase the awareness and participation of Defi lending.

At Poloniex, we are building the future of finance. We are excited to take our relationship with the TrueFi community to the next level. Together, we can facilitate millions of crypto believers’ needs and welcome new investors to the blockchain world.

Poloniex Team

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Great to get a request from an exchange. I have used Poloniex in the past and Its got a good reputation as well. I vote yes for this request


let’s get this approved today!


Poloniex is exactly the kind of borrower we want, great news.


support and reasonable rate


support this request

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Hi everyone, please take a minute to cast a vote.

Poloniex Borrow Request
  • Yes - Approve Request as is
  • Yes - But limit credit to 500,000
  • No - Do not add borrower at this time

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@Poloniex If our community votes yes on this and get you approved would Poloniex be willing to 1) issue a tweet aboutTrueFi ($TRU) saying that Poloniex has taken a loan on our platform (or something more general is fine-Poloniex has partnered with TrueFi for uncollateralized lending) and 2) can TrueFi issue a press release announcing the issuance of the loan or partnership to Poloniex? If Poloniex is willing to endorse us I think it’s a win-win for both parties and we should consider giving Poloniex a revolving line of credit /quick approval like we have done for Alameda allowing them to borrow up to $10mm regularly


Let’s go! We need to encourage more borrowers like this. Is poloniex willing to post this in their social media assuming this gets approved?

I vote yes. @orion.da 's partnership idea is a good one too.

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Poloniex has been a very strong partner to TrueFi, and even before then, to TUSD. They’ve been around since 2014 and I’ve even used them to trade crypto, myself. I know the company underwent a major change in order to serve its clients compliantly (that’s when I had to leave Poloniex), so I would imagine they’re running a tighter ship than ever now. For that reason, I vote to support this application.

Speaking on behalf of TrueFi’s marketing efforts, Poloniex has been a fantastic platform partner since TRU listing, hosting both a trading competition resulting in millions of TRU traded, and launching the TRU Hodl campaign (offering a substantive APY for TRU held on Poloniex) immediately thereafter. Their support on social media has been regular, substantial, and very positive. I expect the marketing benefits of this relationship to be very strong, too!


Whoa! This is huge. 100% support this.

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@Poloniex thank you for the application, very excited to have you as our first exchange borrowers.

I believe this partnership and partnerships with other exchanges could open up a lot of doors for our protocol and for TRU.


Thanks to everyone from the TRUEFI community.


We got the first round of funding. This is amazing.


All-in-all, Poloniex has had a rocky past but has managed to maintain a relatively good reputation in spite of this. The exchange offers a great range of features, excellent volume, and asset variety — but its terrible customer service and lack of fiat options may be just too much for many users to accept.