Intro to the FBG Group

Hi TrueFi Community!

We are the FBG Group , one of the leading digital asset financial services and investment firms providing assets management solutions in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

FBG has institutionalized and built a global presence very quickly, with offices across US, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The firm has been a pioneer in blockchain investment and has supported over 100 projects in a wide range of frontier technologies since 2017. We have several world-wide known investors that includes a lot of prominent venture capital firms like Sequoia, Ribbit, Polychain and family offices including Alibaba co-founder, Bitmain, and largest exchanges, etc.

Over the last several years, we have built our business trying to touch every aspect of the crypto/blockchain ecosystem, from ICO investment, trading, lending and structured products to strategic investment in mining business. We are also one of the largest liquidity providers on major Crypto exchanges in the world.

Very excited to join this community!!


Welcome to the TrueFi community!