Vexil Capital Borrow Request

Dear TrueFi stakeholders,

We are Vexil Capital, a proprietary trading firm specializing in market-neutral strategies.

We focus on trading large market-cap cryptocurrencies and their derivatives, utilizing arbitrage strategies which allow us to thrive in all market conditions. Our custom built trading algorithms capitalize on volume, volatility, and the corresponding market inefficiencies. Our ~$70M capital is deployed across most of the top-tier centralized exchanges. Our founding members have been spread trading commodities and cryptocurrencies since 2017.

We place a large emphasis on risk management and capital preservation. Positions are constantly hedged and directional risk is avoided. We trade on low leverage and have not had a negative quarter dating back to inception in early 2019.

As a predominantly BTC denominated prop firm, we are applying to borrow USDT in order to maximize capital efficiency for our arbitrage strategies. We are looking to build our credit worthiness with the TruFi community and start a mutually beneficial long lasting relationship.


Welcome to TrueFi Vexil!